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China Telecom launched 5G experience package package, can enjoy 100G traffic, the experience period is two months
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On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued the 5G commercial license to China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Radio and Television, meaning that China officially entered 5G first year.

On the basis of a substantial increase in network speed compared to 4G, 5G tariff is not expensive, how much traffic per month can be, which is most concerned by consumers. topic of.

July 29, the daily economic news (micro-signal: nbdnews) reporter learned from China Telecom insiders that China Telecom has launched 5G in some cities Experience the package, you can enjoy the monthly 100G big traffic, the experience period is two months.

Before, China Mobile also announced the "5G Test Unified Package" details, package 200G traffic, 1000 minutes of voice, 100 text messages per month.

Although these packages are currently only in the test stage, they are The 100G start-up package traffic makes many users both expect and "fear."

Some netizens joked that according to the network speed of 1G per second, the package traffic only needs to get 200 seconds, if you forget to turn off at night Data download, it is estimated that a house will be gone when you blink in the morning.

However, the trend of the 5G package is unavoidable. The statistics of the Ministry of Statistics show that the data usage of 5G users is about 2.7 times that of 4G users.
5G package traffic starts at 100G?

Reporter understands To,China Telecom users with 5G mobile phones, insert the original 4G card, according to the reminder settings, you can enjoy the 5G high-speed network. In Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing and other provinces and cities, relevant experience package standards have been implemented.

"China Telecom users open the 5G experience package on the original package, and then get 100G (flow) for free, then see if there is a new package."

Another China Telecom insider told reporters that the three major operators will launch the official 5G package in September.

Daily Economic News (WeChat: nbdnews) The reporter noted that China Mobile has also announced the "5G Test Unified Package" details. The package includes 200G traffic, 1000 minutes of voice and 100 SMS messages per month, which is only for friendly test users. Use, free for the first three months.

So, after the maturity stage in the future, how much is the monthly traffic of the 5G mobile phone package?

Before the "2018 Guangdong Internet Conference", Zhu Hanwu, deputy general manager of Guangdong Mobile, once said,

" In the initial stage of 4G construction, our average DOU (average monthly traffic consumption per customer) is about 2G, but in the second half of 4G, the DOU in 2018 has exceeded 8G to 10G, and it is expected to reach 15G in 2019. . After the 5G application is expected, the user's DOU can reach 60G.

Zhu Hanwu believes that after the network speed is faster, the user's corresponding use demand will rise, and the actual demand may exceed 60G.

South Korea has started 5G commercialization since December 2018. From the perspective of commercial use, it basically conforms to this trend. According to statistics from the Ministry of Science and Technology of Korea, the average is The data usage of 5G users is as high as 22.4GB, the average 4G users use 8.37GB, the 5G data usage is about 2.7 times that of 4G, and this usage is increasing rapidly.

The economic operation of the communications industry from January to April 2019 released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed that the DOU in the month of April reached 7.32GB, an increase of 110.2%.

5G traffic tariff is expected to be "cabbage price"

"5G is good, but I am worried that I can't afford it. I don't know if it will be expensive.

This is the voice of many users who are on the sidelines. However, according to the current situation, 5G traffic charges may not be as expensive as many people think.

According to the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily report, the three major operators all indicated that the specific tariff package is being refined in design, and will be introduced to the market as soon as possible, while clearly indicating that 5G will be 4G is cheaper and the unit price of the flow will not be higher than the 4G level.

As for the flowmeter fee structure, China Telecom and China Mobile both indicated that the 5G tariff structure adopts a multi-dimensional, multi-level billing model, at which time users can choose freely. China Unicom said that 5G and 4G There will be new changes in the billing model.

Communications industry insiders revealed that from the historical trend, the flow rate continues to decline is certain, it is expected The price of 5G traffic will eventually be less than one yuan per GB. However, due to insufficient coverage and high cost in the early stage, the traffic fee may be 10 yuan/GB.

Professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Zeng Jianqiu believes that the 5G traffic tariff will be significantly lower than 4G. At present, the average price of 1GB mobile phone traffic in China is about 5 yuan, which may drop to 1 yuan or even lower in the future. Many industry insiders said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology continued to push down the speed reduction fee. The mobile communication market is highly competitive, and the base price of 5G tariffs will not exceed the range that ordinary consumers can afford.

The latest data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows thatIn the past five years, the average download speed of fixed and mobile broadband in China has increased by more than six times, and the fixed network and mobile Internet traffic tariffs have all dropped by more than 90%.
The difference between foreign 5G tariffs is large

At present, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, the United States and other countries have officially opened 5G networks. From the perspective of the tariffs of these countries, the level of fees and the speed standards between countries are quite different.

1, UK

British operator Vodafone’s 5G unlimited package is divided into three The ratings are £23, £26 and £30 per month, respectively.

23 pounds is about 198.5 yuan, the maximum speed is 2Mbps; 26 pounds is about 224.4 yuan, the highest speed is 10Mbps; 30 pounds is about 258.9 Yuan, the speed of this file is around 150-250Mbps.

2, US

US operator Verizon's 5G package is equally divided For the three levels, they are $85, $95 and $105 per month, respectively, which are about 570 yuan, 637 yuan and 708 yuan.

Verizon has strict speed limits despite the unlimited flow:

$85 stall Can only watch 480P video,$95 can watch 720P video, and can enjoy 22GB 4G unlimited speed; 105 US dollars download speed can reach 625MB/s, no traffic, but only share hotspots under 4G network, limit The usage flow is 75GB.

3, South Korea

The minimum starting price for Korean 5G packages is 55,000 won (about RMB 325), among which SKT and KT's two major operators' packages contain 8GB of high-speed traffic, and the smaller carrier LG U+'s package traffic is slightly higher, including 9GB of high-speed traffic.

When upgrading to the 75,000 won (about 437 yuan) package, the high-speed traffic of SKT and LG U+ soared to 150GB.

If you move up one more position,If you choose SKT and LG U+'s 95,000 won (about 554 yuan) package, or KT's 80,000 won (about 466 yuan) package, you can directly enjoy unlimited 5G network.